Why Your Business Should Be Using HTTPS

Here at Beaker Studio, we use HTTPS to protect all internet traffic going between our website and its visitors. There are many good reasons to do this, but unfortunately this is not as common of a practice as it should be. This article will outline why businesses should consider encrypting their website traffic with HTTPS.

The first reason to use HTTPS is that it protects your business. When you or your employees access your website to make changes, it’s important that the connection is truly private. However, public networks (like the one at the local coffee shop) don’t always impose good security measures, because doing so is inconvenient for their guests. Sniffers on these kinds of networks can intercept data—including passwords—sent over non-HTTPS connections, which can then be used to compromise your website. These exploits can be mitigated by simply using HTTPS for your website.

Secondly, just as HTTPS protects your business, it also protects your visitors. In addition to the previously mentioned vulnerability, visitors to non-HTTPS websites are also potential targets for man-in-the-middle attacks. This kind of attack allows for hackers to—amongst other things—intercept traffic going to your website, and instead serve fake content to your visitors. Again, using HTTPS on your website can prevent these kinds of trust-eroding attacks from ever succeeding, because web browsers will halt loading of the fake content and instead display security warnings.

Lastly, your business should use HTTPS because it’s inexpensive. A SSL certificate (which is used for securing HTTPS connections) can cost as little as $9/year. This is a small price for the peace-of-mind and security that HTTPS brings your business and its customers. We feel that HTTPS is so important that we offer complimentary setup for all of our client projects here at Beaker Studio. Security comes standard with all of our work, and we encourage other creative agencies to follow this practice as well.

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